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Carl Busch

Videographer | Web Designer | Mixologist | Father

Dubuque, Iowa

In the past 20 years of my life, I have had the privilege to do some awesome things. At the age of 12, I started playing roller hockey with friends and entered into tournaments and even joined an ice hockey league.

Off the ice, we were also were doing aggressive inline skating. This was in the mid-1990s, so digital cameras were not even a thought yet, but we had found a passion for film. Using shoulder VHS cameras we created mediocre films and imitating all of our heroes through different skating videos.Then we were in bands and I would film those shows.

As we got older, our love of music led us to startingĀ our own bands. We connected our love of film to our musical ventures by filming our shows.

Crosses Trailer – 2013

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MeganĀ and Tyler Wedding Trailer – 2016


In 2014 my brother Nick and I started UV films. Our goal was to start making independent short films. We created a short web series between 2013 and 2014 called Crosses. While creating these shorts, we started offering wedding videography as a way to offset the costs of our creative ventures. In 2014 we filmed 3 weddings. In less than a year our business increased, and we filmed 25 weddings in 2015. It was exciting to see the growth of UV films as a business in just one year.

UV films is now in its third full year of business, and it has been amazing working with almost 100 couples to date. We love working with every couple and creating unique cinematic wedding films.

As UV films grew into a full wedding videography company, we separated business videos and independent films into other companies. We created Cedar Media Productions for all commercial, music videos, promo videos and pretty much anything else that is not a wedding film. Cedar Media Productions was started in 2016. It has grown steadily and we are expanding more in 2018.

Freedom Festival – 2016


Morgan and Kershaw – 2015


Most of our independent work is under the name Team F.I.I.P. (fix it in post) Along with another group of local Iowa filmmakers, we started making short independent films. For two years we have submitted a short film into the 48 Film Project competition. We are going for our third one this year, 2017.

I have been the producer for this group while competing in the 48 Film Project. It feels great to be able to get a group of other filmmakers and create a film from inception to final production in an extremely short 48 hours. Our first year we actually made the final 12!

I am offering live streaming as a new service. Multi-camera live streaming is exciting and the newest thing for social media marketing. It is a great service for live events to have the professional quality. We are able to get great sound and have multi cameras angles.

Music Videos